I became involved with ISS 8 months ago. I have a Personal Budget which means I have more independence with my social life. A Personal Budget means more flexibility to go out and given me more confidence.

I have experience of the Interpreting Service; Community Service; Cleaning Service and Volunteer Service. These are all very good services. I have also been involved in interviewing and recruiting a cleaner.

ISS have helped me to do lots of things that are first time experiences for me e.g. sailing; Cowes Week and Firework night; Mayflower Theatre; Open Day at College and Workshops.

I am also a member of the See to Hear Group and a Deaf role model supporting British Sign Language students.

I would like to thank ISS for helping me so much.



We are so pleased to have ISS here, as we need an organisation who knows the Ise of Wight who listens to the needs of the local people.
ISS is important for the future of the young ones and middle age etc. As they take notice of what we want and are able to help as we know we can talk to ISS and explain our needs.
ISS has supported the local See to Hear group enabling Deaf and hard of hearing people to get together socially. This has been of great benefit to all the members who have enjoyed outings as well as socialising.
ISS volunteers are invaluable to people like myself who can have someone to visit at home and communicate in our language, BSL.
ISS is brilliant to have here as it is just the sort of organisation we need as we know we can ask for help and access a service that understands our needs.



ISS is a support service for the Isle of Wight that helps disabled people.

I started receiving support from ISS in October 2010, the community support, when my Personal Budget came into effect. Not only do they support me in the community to help me stay independent. They also helped me through the daunting task of applying and going through the personal budget process. I knew if I had a problem I could just contact them and they would help me sort out what needed to be done.

The staff are very friendly and supportive, they don’t judge and don’t dictate to you. As they say we are their boss and they are there to help us to overcome difficulties to remain independent and a valued member of the community. ISS is very client lead.

I look forward to my support hours knowing that I will be able to achieve goals that were before not assessable to me before. I have done more in the last 4 months with ISS than I was able to do in the last year. They have helped me gain confidence in everyday life and allowed me to develop my life skills. I have since receiving support been able to travel and create friendship without having to always have support with me and through ISS hard work I finally feel part of something.

Not only do I use the community support I use the ISS Cleaning service, this service is wonderful knowing that the cleaner is using your own language BSL and communicating to you. There is no struggle to understand or to be understood. The quality of the work is also excellent.

I feel that ISS is going to go from strength to strength and carry on developing vital services that are needed for Disabled people on the Island. I am so grateful to them for giving me my life back and bring me out of isolation.

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